When you next consider building a new home, renovations or any additions, hand made homes would welcome the opportunity to meet with you, understand your requirements and provide a comprehensive and reliable quotation.

All contract documents are provided by hand made homes. The contracts are supplied by the Housing Institute of Australia (HIA) and all clients will be provided with a hard copy duplicate prior to commencement of building works.


cost plus quote

Also known as 'do and charge',  Cost plus quotations are based on the cost of materials and labour plus a percentage profit margin (usually around 10-15%). This approach to quoting and undertaking building work allows you to:

  • Maintain a level of flexibility and ability to change your mind in relation to your site plans and  designs or if your fitting preferences are not finalised
  • Maintain a high level of input into your project
  • Maintain visibility of all costs

Full quote

Full quotes provide a total amount for undertaking the project with all expenses included. All designs and plans must be finalised in order to request a full quote. You will also be required to provide details on all your fittings (doors, bathroom fittings, windows, lighting, and appliances) for inclusion within the quote..